The 43rd Yosakoi Festival in 1996

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1997 Yosakoi Project

1997 Yosakoi Project
Preparations for the 1997 Yosakoi Project are now underway. Fujimic Inc., Fujitsu BSC and Kochi Systems Co.,Ltd. organized 1997 Yosakoi Project Committee and are promoting Internet Live Broadcast with the cooperation of NTT Kochi, NTT DoCoMo, RKC Kochi Broadcating Co.,Ltd. Information is being provided via WWW pages present this festival even better than last year. I hope you'll continue to support us and participate in 1997 Yosakoi Project.

Fujimic Fujitsu BSC Kochi Systems Co.,Ltd.

NTT NTT DoCoMo RKC Kochi Broadcating Co.,Ltd.

Kochi Prefecture Kochi Tourism League Kochi Tourism Association

Festival Schedule

Saturday, Aug. 9 6:30pm - 10:00pm Festival-eve show at Central Park Stage
Sunday, Aug.10 [ Otesuji ]
Afternoon 3:00pm -6:00pm
Evening 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Main Festival
Monday, Aug.11 [ Otesuji ]
Afternoon 3:00pm -6:00pm
Evening 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Main Festival
Tueseday, Aug.12 6:00pm - 9:50pm Post Festival Show at Central Park Stage

1997 Yosako Festival was successfully over.

1997 Yosakoi Project Presents...

Live image of Kochi Castle / NTT Kochi

Kochi City viewed from Kochi Castle - QuickTimeVR

1996/YOSAKOI Porject

Yosakoi Gate Every year from August 9 to 12, Yosakoi Matsuri Festival is held in the city of Kochi, Japan. At the festival, people dance with Naruko(Clappers) in their hands, from street to street, passionately, like the Carnival in Brazil. I recommend you to come here and join us!

1996 Yosakoi Projects Also, I helped organize 1996/YOSAKOI Project last year. The project team broadcast live coverage of the festival to the world and held a TV conferencing session between Kochi and Sapporo, Hokkaido via Phoenix from NTT. For more information about this project, please refer to 1996/YOSAKOI Project Page
Snapshot photos of the staff can be seen at this page.

This project was supported by RKC Kochi Broadcating Co.,Ltd., Yosakoi Festival Promoting Conference (Chamber of Commerce in Kochi), Yosakoi Soran Festival Promoting the Spread Conference, NTT Shikoku, NTT Kochi, NTT Kagawa, NTT Hokkaido, NTT Sapporo, Kochi Prefecture, Kochi City, Volunteers Miss A.T. and Mr. S.H. I deeply appreciate their great help with this project.
Also, I thank Mr.G, Mr.S, Miss A, Mr.T from Fujimic Inc.. Further more, I thank Mr.M, Mr.Ni, Mr.No and other staff from Kochi Systems Co.,Ltd. and Volunteer Mr.K.

The 43rd Yosakoi Festival in 1996

Central Park I went to Kochi to take photographs of the 43rd Yosakoi Festival again last year. 122 groups / about 13,000 participants took part in the festival.
Since I helped organize the 1996/YOSAKOI Project last year, I had limited time to take photos. But I managed to take some photos including the festival-eve show. I've loaded up some of them. Please enjoy!

Yosakoi Festival '96

Scenes from the 43rd Yosakoi Festival in 1996

Daijiro HashimotoDaijiro Hashimoto, The Governor of Kochi Prefecture / Kochi Prefectural Office Team
Number of Participants:100
Governer Hashimoto participated in the festival. He has lived for long time in Kochi now and has become quite a good dancer.

Tetsuto MatsuoTetsuto Matsuo, The Mayor of Kochi City / Kochi City Office Dancing Team
Number of Participants:80
Mayer Matsuo leads Kochi City Office Dancing Team.

Number of Participants:150
"Kawaruni-Kaaran" means "It seems to change" or "It must change" in Tosa-ben (Kochi Dialect).

Shikoku KaihatsuShikoku Developement Group
Number of Participants:120
Music: wav file 651.4k

Asahi FoodsAsahi Foods
Number of Participants:100
This team won the Chairman's award in Otesuji St. which was the central dancing space.
Music: wav file 654.1k

Musical EkinMusical "EKIN"
Number of Participants:60

Daio GroupDaio Group
Number of Participants:100

Number of Participants:?

Number of Participants:50
Overall Japanese style was in popular at the festival last year, however this team's style was a noteable exception.

Sunny GroupSunny Group
Number of Participants:100
These girls were so spirited that they danced for three whole days!
Music: wav file 651.4k

Tosa Women's Junior CollegeTosa Women's Junior Collage
Number of Participants:135
So many cute girls were dancing in this team.

Yosakoi Festival Music (Now preparing)

Scenes from the 42nd Yosakoi Festival in 1995

Scenes from the 41st Yosakoi Festival in 1994

YOSAKOI Sound Project

Yosakoi Festival Music varied from traditional Japanese style, Rock n' Roll, Samba and so on. I think the festival was excellent musically so I'm planning to make a CD or CD-ROM collection.

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