Scenes from the 42nd Yosakoi Matsuri Festival in 1995

Yosakoi Picture 1995
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The 42nd Yosakoi Matsuri Festival in 1995

I went to Kochi to take photographs again last summer. I picked up some of them to show you what the festival is like. Please enjoy!

Yosakoi Matsuri Music

Kochi Credit Depository Team
Number of Participants:100
Dancers appear with traditional costumes.

SoundSound (209kB RealAudio Version)

Information about Sound

I have uploaded Yosakoi Matsuri Sound Music. I recieved a sound tape of the music for Kochi Credit Depository Team by courtesy of its creater. I digitized it to .au sound format. Since the size of the au file is much larger than I expected, I also made a RealAudio format version. The sound quality is a little bit worse than au, but the file size became much smaller. The RA file dosen't use RealAudio server, the browser will download the entire file first, and be played automatically.

Pick-ups in 1995

Scenes from the 42nd Yosakoi Matsuri Festival in 1995.

Daijiro Hashimoto, The Governor of Kochi PrefectureDaijiro Hashimoto, The Governor of Kochi Prefecture
Kochi Prefectural Office Team.
Number of Participants:120 The Governor participates the festival last year again.

Tetsuto Matsuo, The Mayor of Kochi CityTetsuto Matsuo, The Mayor of Kochi City
Kochi Municipal Office Dancing Team
Number of Participants:130
The Mayor joins the festival,too.

Wakako ShimazakiWakako Shimazaki
Shikoku Bank,Co.
Number of Participants:80
Ms.Shimazaki is a campaign girl for Shikoku Bank,Co. She joins to the festival as a guest.

Ohashidori TeamOhashidori Team
Number of Participants:120

MEDIA CROSS by Hair-Making-House & VividMEDIA CROSS by Hair-Making-House & Vivid
Number of Participants:120
Yosakoi Matsuri Festival is rich in variety. Some of the teams don't use traditional Happi(livery coats) or even Naruko(Clappers).

Sunny GroupSunny Group
Number of Participants:130
Dancers of this team seem always to be in high spirits and happy.

Team Grand BettyTeam Grand Betty
Number of Participants:150

Pirelli Technical BoothPirelli Technical Booth
Number of Participants:130

Central GroupCentral Group
Number of Participants:150
This team has been awarded the grand prize of the festival eve show every year for five years. It is one of the most important teams of the festival.

Kochi Campus Junior College/Kochi Rehabilitation SchoolKochi Campus Junior College/Kochi Rehabilitation School
Number of Participants:100
And the night of Yosakoi Matsuri Festival advances under the moon light.

Scenes from the 41st Yosakoi Festival in 1994

Yosakoi Festival
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Tadashi Mori