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Snapshot photos of staff

Fireworks, Aug.9

Fireworks were held on Aug.9. I don't think it was so scary as I was born in Kochi and have seen it often, but Miss A and Mr. T were frightened because it was the first time they'd been to Kochi and experienced such powerful fireworks.

At TV conferencing area between Kochi and Sapporo, Aug.10

Staff standing by in front of Washington Hotel at Otesuji, Kochi. We used CU-SeeMe and Phoenix from NTT and had a session between Kochi and Sapporo, Hokkaido. Many people experienced live information exchange via tele-communication technology. (Miss T, NTT Hokkaido, participated Yosakoi Naruko Dancing the next day !)

At car park beside RKC Kochi Broadcasting Co.Ltd., Aug.11

Staff were relieved after successfully finishing the live coverage of Yosakoi Festival by StreamWorks. (Closing party after this was so ...)

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Yosakoi Festival
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