YOSAKOI Projects 2001

1999/YOSAKOI Projects

Yosakoi Projects 2001 will carry out the live broadcast of the 48th Yosakoi Festival that is very hot festival held in Kochi.


Festival eve showThu., Aug. 9
Main FestivalFri., Aug. 10
Sat., Aug. 11
Internet Live Broadcast
with RealSystem RealVideo
Post Festival show
All Japan show
Sun., Aug. 12

Get RealPlayer
Please use RealPlayer to watch the live on Aug. 10 and Aug. 11 that was developed by RealNetworks Inc..
You can download it for free by clicking the above icon.


Executed byKochi Systems Inc., RKC Kochi Broadcasting Inc.
Yosakoi Projects 2001 Committee
Executed withMedia i Corporation
Supported by
Kochi Prefecture Turist League
Kochi City Turist Association

For Information

Yosakoi Projects 2001 Committee Office
c/o Kochi Systems Inc.
TEL: +81-88-884-9010
FAX: +81-88-884-3494
E-Mail: yosakoi@i-kochi.or.jp

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