The 46th Yosakoi Festival in 1999

Yosakoi Birds View 99
I couldn't take photographs veru much because I was involved a project of the Total Solar Eclipse Internet Live which was carried out on Aug.11 that is in a same period of Yosakoi Festival. I could go to Kochi on Aug.12, the last day of the festival. I'm sorry that I couldn't see all of the participating teams. I will be in Kochi in the year 2000 and will make this page more fun.
Yamada Taiko 99
In spite of my schedule, I could enjoy myself to see the All Japan Yosakoi Festival which was held for the first time this year as well as the post festival show. I will show you some of the photographs I took here in my Gallery'99.

The 46th Yosakoi Festival Schedule
Aug. 9(Mon.), 18:30 - 22:00Festival eve show at Central Park
Aug.10(Tue.), 12:30 - 21:45Main Festival in the city
Aug.11(Wed.), 12:30 - 21:45Main Festival in the city
Aug.12(Thu.), 18:00 - 21:50All Japan Yosakoi Festival
Post Festival show at Central Park

Last Night 1999

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Yosakoi Festival
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